Friday, March 6, 2009

One week before my surgery!

I'm so excited. I guess the word is out for sure now. I'm having weight loss surgery done on March 13. I'm ashamed of myself and how I look. I have no energy to speak of and things are going down hill FAST due to the weight. I've tried before to get shed of it, but you know it came back and found friends to come stay too!

But this is going to be a complete life change for me. No more Diet Pepsi. Sorry Pepsi company! I know I've been a major buyer for a lot of years now and I'm sure going to miss my favorite drink! At most I'll only be eating about 1 cup of food. THAT'S IT TOTAL! If you don't think that is a tiny amount just measure out oh say one cup of mashed potatoes and put on your plate. It sure looks like a tiny amount!

Steak will not be on the menu for at least a couple months. IF I can chew it up small enough, what would make only one meal before, will now last for at least 2-3 meals if not more!!!

One good thing, it will be a long time before I have to buy any new clothes. I've still got at last count about 5-6 sizes smaller than what I am now IN MY CLOSET! AND a lot of them still have the tags on them!!! I don't mind a bit that they are a couple of years old. That does not matter to me one bit. As long as I can finally get in them will tickle me to death.

Well, I'll do my best to try to check in once more before we leave next week to go to the hospital. But if I don't, please keep me in your prayers that I have a good experience with no complications during surgery, a fast time healing from all pain and loose a LOT of FAT!

I can't wait! ONE WEEK AND COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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