Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Well good folks........ he did it! He finally did it! On Wednesday, Nov. 28 my hubby and I went with two friends down to the area of Bell County Kentucky known as Mtn. Drive. I've been there several times over the summer/fall months..... even went this past Sunday. Hubby had been there one time before.... we borrowed his son in laws Brute Force and he rode it. I think he saw then WHY I love riding so much. Ever since then he's been talking about getting one. Well as you know he did indeed finally break down and bought himself a Brand new Arctic Cat 400.

Yesterday was a good day to ride. The weather warmed up nicely and the sun was shining so brightly. We got to the trail head at a little after 12 noon. Unloaded and took off. One thing that I'm most proud of is that everyone wore their helmets! That is one thing that I'm going to put my foot down about...... NO HELMET...... NO RIDE! I know, I know, there has been times I could have bitten his head off...... but I do honestly love and care for that man of mine and I need to keep him in one piece.

We met up with Terry and Pam at the trail head and had a really good days riding. With all the rain that we have finally been getting the dust that he had such a bad time with the first time there was gone. NOW he had lots of mud/water holes to go through. I'll admit that if it had been a LOT warmer I could have gotten him soaking wet. But I'll save that treat for next spring/summer/fall when it is a lot warmer.

Didn't get many photos of the group. We were to busy riding and looking. Saw some parts of Mtn. Drive that I've never seen before. Heck for that matter I saw more new trails the other day too! For those that like to ride for several hours and see some great views.... this is the place to go.

And speaking of going...... I heard from the newly elected president of the newest ATV Club in our area.... The Bell County Holler Crawlers. They are listed in the forums of the "Kentucky Outdoors" site. Sounds like they have the makings of a great ATV club. I intend on becoming a paying member. Anyhow they are working with the owner of the area of Mtn. Drive. I intend on doing what ever I can do to help them not only spread the word about what a great area that we have here in our own back yard, but to help the club grow and do well. I hope that they can keep open that area. Until you've riden there and saw for yourself how many trails that there are you wouldn't belive it!

Now that we are a TWO CAT family hopefully we will enjoy riding even more together.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's here! Introducing "Tom Kat"!!

If you've been reading my blogs you know that a while back I was talking about finding our latest addition to our rides. While on a day out we stopped at Bass Pro and was really checking out the Arctic Cats..... and fell in love with the 400's. I'll admit that at the time I honestly thought that it was nothing more than a dream of owning a brand new AC. I'm here to tell you that DREAMS DO COME TRUE! While out Saturday doing a little Christmas shopping we stopped by the Arctic Cat dealer in Kingsport, TN. At that time we really had no intention on actually buying one now..... just stopped to see what they had and to kill a little time. Found out that they had some really good offers for financing. That was Saturday. We talked..... and talked....... and did some more talking. The talking continued into Sunday. Come Monday morning we called the dealer and did our paperwork over the phone. A little bit later they called back to tell us that we got it! They would have it ready for us by the time we got there to pick it up. That is the photo that I've got posted..... they just had loaded it on to the trailer at the dealer. Even though we both had sat on it I swear it seems bigger now that it is here. I've got a 5 by 12 trailer and when we got it home we found out that "Tom Kat" as we are now calling the new one, and "Miss Kitty" mine will just barely fit onto the trailer! And I do mean just barely! For the time being to haul both of them we are going to have to load them both end to end and then take the ramp off and tie it to the side. The tires prevent us from getting the ramp anywhere near closed! Thank goodness a month or so back I bought some REALLY strong straps to tie anything down with. Without them there is no way that we could take them both anywhere to ride! But I've always heard that were there is a will there is a way. Guess it's true. Honestly we need to do some work to find a better way to load and haul both bikes safely. That will for the time work, but is going to be a lot of extra work on both of us to get them to anywhere to ride. OH well... it's worth it no matter what we have to do!

Am I tickled? YOU BET CHA! I honestly don't think that husband will go with me every time I go riding..... but now at least he will have one when he does want to go. And if anything happens to Miss Kitty that would prevent her from going I'll have a back up to take. Hope you like what we picked out. I love it!