Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 12, 1975

Happy Birthday Christopher! I know that you probably won't ever see this, but I thought just in case that I'd put it up here. Today you turn 32. Seems like yesterday in one sense, yet a couple of lifetimes ago in another. But I could never forget this date no matter how long it's been. I hope that you've had a wonderful day and that your wife and boys have made it a special day for you.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A note to my visitors....

I've been seeing where there have been several hits on my little blog. But nobody is leaving me any messages! Either my blogging stinks..... or it may not seem interesting enough. Please, if you don't care...... leave me a message or two! And pass this site around to your friends if you or someone you know enjoys riding ATVs.


Today has been a GREAT day!

Anytime it gets this warm, in December, YOU better get out there and ride. Which is just what I did! My friends called me this morning and we took off and rode on Stone Mountain today. I loved it! Pam wasn't feeling to good but she went. Maybe next time Pam you'll be feeling 100% better.

We put in at Rose Hill and went up to the top of the mountain then out to White Rocks. One of these days I'm going to actually go out to see the REAL White Rocks, but they are on National Park land and you can't ride your ATV up to there. YOU can walk, or ride a horse but nothing with a motor! I can't walk that far, my knees and hips won't let me. And I don't have a horse so I guess I'll just have to be content to take pictures from Rt. 58 looking up at them.

The picture is of my friends that I rode with today. Thanks guys! And a couple views from our ride. It was a great day!
Not to sure if I'll get to ride again during December.. but I sure hope so. Heck I may get out in the snow.......if it ever snows around here. I might not be able to move I'll have so many clothes on... but I'll get out there and ride no matter what!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Two Weekends In A Row!

OK, so we are in the middle of a major drought here..... a lot of peoples wells are going dry or are so low that it isn't healthy, but why rain on two weekends in a row? WHY? This is just so not fair. I'll keep an eye out on the weather..... and if by some strange chance it still stays warm I can get some riding in this coming week. I sure hope so. It's killing me having two Arctic Cat's out in the shed and not getting to ride either of them! Oh the shame!
While we were out yesterday I did see several trucks hauling ATVs that had either gone riding somewhere or were on their way to ride. I'm not a big fan of getting wet and having the wind blow you as you ride in this cooler weather. Now in hot weather...... give me a water hole to run through and I'm happy!
Maybe it will be a short winter and spring will get here quick. THEN nobody will ever find me at home.