Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ride, ride and more RIDE!

Where do I begin?

Things have been going really well, for the most part. Been doing a lot of riding off park (WTOP) for the past month. It has been a lot of fun. I didn't realize how much I missed riding on Stone. In the last couple weeks I've been across Stone to go to the Harlan Overlook (Harlan Kentucky) twice. Once it was just my husband and myself and then this past Sunday with the guys (and gals) that visit "ridewhereyouwant.com" aka Partsman and friends.

Also have done two trips up to Hensley Settlement. Now that is an adventure. Trail is for the most part easy to moderate. With a lot of smooth riding. Bad thing is where it isn't smooth.. it is ROUGH! I mean ROCKY - BOUNCE your guts out rough.
I've served as trail guide several times for different groups. I've had a blast. Every group is different. Some like to really see as much as they can see in a day. Others want to see stuff but at a lot slower pace, bad thing is that they miss out on so many other things that there just isn't time to see.
The leaves are changing here and it is getting really pretty to be outside. Bad thing is that it means that you put on a lot of clothes and strip during the day then put back on before you get back to the truck! Thought sure that my riding gloves were going to be enough Sunday. NOPE! My hands got so cold. I kept kicking myself for not taking my good winter gloves. Those would have felt a lot better on my poor frozen fingers. Bad thing is that it really isn't that cold. BUT after being in the upper 80's and lower to mid 90's for high temps all summer, when it gets down to the upper 40's lover 50's it feels like it should be the dead of winter.
I've gotten several really good videos done from all the riding. In fact I've got so many that there is no way to post them all here. I will upload one but will provide links to the others. AND if you like them and are signed up on YouTube then please rate my videos and leave me a note if you can! I love reading people comments... Good & Bad. I do have one more video that I need to get the footage worked up. Hopefully I'll get time to do them before this weekend. In the mean time here are some links to the ones that are the newest ones that I've done.
We, most of the family, went over to my sisters cabin on the river farm one weekend. I'll admit that riding in a pasture is NOT my favorite thing to do. I hate with a passion riding there and dodging the "FRESH Cow Patties"! BUT getting out and riding with 4 generations of my family is awesome!!!!! Not many people get to ride with a family group that range in age from 2 to 79! Here are the videos of that day.
Here is a short video of the inside of the little "cabin" that we built last summer. OH I forgot to tell you that the people that built that was myself, my husband and my sister! It's not perfect but it works!
Here is the video of one of the groups that I guided at WTOP. I got an email from them and they liked it so much that they are coming back in a little over a week to do it again!
This is one of the trips that we call "Cawood Loop". It's a really GOOD ride!
This is of my husband and myself going to the Harlan Overlook. Caught up with some friends and rode back with them.
Remember I said that I had gone up to Hensley Settlement twice? Well I've saved what I think is my best video to put up on here to view. Hope you like it!

Well I think I'm semi caught up. I know I've said it before but I will do a lot better at trying to keep things updated here.

Till next time! See ya'll.