Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Well, America has lived to see yet another birthday.. isn't it wonderful! I know of no other place on earth that people enjoy the freedom that we do. I know that times are getting tough right now on a lot of people. It is us too. But we are a tough nation and we will survive.

Several members of the Holler Crawlers got together at one of the many pads and had a really good cookout and then a lot of really good fireworks after. It rained a little bit on us, fog set in and for a while you couldn't see much. But it cleared off and really was a nice evening to spend with a bunch of friends.

Sprinkles served as our cook for the evening and as usual he did a really good job. He needs to have his own restaurant. SouthKyGal was the lady that came up with the idea, her and her husband furnished the fireworks. GREAT JOB!
I am so glad that back in January I decided to take a chance and come down and ride with BCO. I've gained a lot of new friends that will forever have a place in my heart.