Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thirteen riders (I'm not in the group photo and like it that way) met up Sunday morning to brave the dust and try to find a good mud/water hole. We found BOTH! Lots and lots of dust.... and a really good water hole!

Where I hadn't ridden for a while it sure felt GOOD to be back on a trail again. I really missed it. Tried out my new full face helmet today. Broke it in proper! Covered in dust!!! Other than the fact that it was hot, it really helped to keep that dust out of my eyes and it was so easy to flip up the shield when not needed. I like it. BUT I think I would like it better in cooler/cold weather.

Got some really good video today. Haven't worked it up yet..... it could take me a day or two to get it done, but it should be really good when I do.

I promise I'll come back and upload it when I am finished with it.

Later people!!