Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rode on Stone again today!

Hi everyone! Well I got lucky and did some riding today up on the mountain. After making a run to get oil and filter for Jim's ATV we came home, loaded up and took off to Rose Hill. When we stopped at Dellis' shop Terry was there. He and his wife Pam joined us. No pictures to show of todays ride..... it was all video.
The mountain is full of mud/water holes. If it wasn't so cold a person could have a ball up there splashing around in them. But it is just a little bit to cold to get soaking wet.
On the way home we went by Pringles house and found that they were having a cook out. Ok, so I wasn't invited, guess they don't want me around much any more. Oh well. I did sorta bite my own nose off to spite my face. Long story and I will NOT go into it. Maybe with time things will get back to the way they used to be. But Pringle was nice enough to go ahead and change the oil in both of the ATVs for us. Thank You Pringle!
Not sure if I can go riding tomorrow or not. Right now it seems like nobody can or is willing to go. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. If not then I'll have to wait till it is a warm day and maybe find someone else to go with.
See ya'll later!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well, Christmas has came and gone for 2007. In a way I'm glad that it is over, yet on the other hand I'm sad to see it go. I don't like the pressure to spend, spend - spend to find the perfect present for friends and family. But I do love being with my family, seeing the smiles, hearing the laughter and seeing the family together at Mom & Dad's house.

This year we had several people at the dinner table, Mom, Dad, myself, my husband Jim, Sister Janet and her husband Frank and daughter Ivy, my daughter Shannon and husband Bob, my son Danny and wife Michelle. Missing were my sister Phyllis and husband Jimmy and daughter Morgan, and niece Lindsey and husband Josh with sons Dillon and Rylie.

Daddy's health is not the greatest that it's ever been. Dad had a bad stroke back in May and he still suffers from it to a certain degree. Mom is not the strong woman that she has been either. But I'm so lucky to have them with me still.

We had some family members that have gone on to Heaven this year, My grandmother, Georgia Williams age 94 passed away in January 2007 and Jim's mother Gladys passed away in June 2007. Jim also lost his only brother Calvin in March.. it's been a very bad year on him. But he is working through it and seems to be coming back to life.
After dinner we had some of Dad's family stop by for a visit. His sister Barbara, her son John H. III, and his children Micah and Addison. It was so wonderful to see them again. It seems like family does not get together now as much as they did when I was a young girl.
I do hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and I send my wishes for a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Enjoying a nice day in December

Caught a really good Saturday and hubby and I took off on a little ride. He made one mistake and said he wanted to try on Stone Mountain! OH GOODIE! We put in at Rose Hill and went up the old RR bed to Hagan, then up to the top of the ridge to the Crows Foot. He wanted to make the loop out the top of the hill back out toward RH but I convinced him to keep going on over the mountain. Poor fellow.... he fell for it! Now where I'm so used to riding up there nothing seems steep to me any more...... but to him... being the greenhorn that he is.... well I asked him after we got back to the truck did he think about killing me? His answer was YES! hehehe Then I had to remind him that he made it and did just fine... now he has more of an idea what his ride can do and where it will take him as long as he is careful. It isn't like anything was that steep and dangerous but to a fellow that had never ridden Stone before I can see where it might have seemed like I was trying to kill him. BUT it did teach him that he could do it!

We rode on over to Martins Fork Lake. The lake level is really low now for the winter draw down. Talk about having lots of MUD to play in! If only the guys that I ride with had been there they would have been so happy! But we had the place all to ourselves. I didn't get out in it, all I did was take some pictures to show the guys. Maybe next weekend they can get there and then there will be lots of "Dirty" pictures to show.

It was getting late in the day so we headed back over the ridges. I'll admit that he did a lot better coming back then he did going over. That was all he needed was to spend time on his CAT. He even mentioned today that yesterday was FUN! I hope that the bug has bitten him as much as it has me. That would be great! Don't look for it to happen.... but ya never know.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it is getting colder each day. The forecast is for a light dusting of snow early on Christmas morning. I hope it doesn't. Working the job that he does... if it snows then he has to work. But I'd love to see a little bit and go up on the mountain to get some pictures! Just not on Christmas day.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! Keep on riding..... ride long.... ride safe!