Monday, April 28, 2008


Should have known not to even try it but we ignored that BLACK CAT and went any way. What am I talking about? After going over to my sisters house to pick up Mudd Puppy on our way back to here there was this big ole black cat that ran across the road in front of us. I did the big ole X on the windshield but it didn't work. We had 3 trucks going down pulling 3 trailers with 2 on each! WE did look pretty cool going down the road. I hauled my hubby's ride (took it because of having the winch on it) and MuddPuppys ride... Bob had his and Shannon's and David stopped to pick up Ivy's to finish out the bunch.

When we unloaded at the Colmar parking lot first thing that the girls did was to stir up the dust big time doing donuts in the gravel. Ivy is fantastic at doing donuts! But then it started..... first Shannon ran through a water hole and her Polaris decided it didn't like water! I thought they would never get it started again. But they did........ then Bob's started running really rough... and I do mean rough. I know that where we stopped to get gas we've stopped a million times before and had never gotten bad gas. But then it started running a lot smoother and so off we went.

Hadn't been there to long when "Sprinkles" & "Lady Redneck" caught up with us.

Started up trail 66B toward the Mud Bowl...... took a side trail that loops around and comes out right at the edge and.... well nobody was staying together. We had rides scattered all over the place! Finally found everyone and I made them follow me. That was the last thing that I needed.. to have someone break down or get hurt and not know anything about it. Not good... not good at all. BUT nobody broke so we were Mud Bowl Bound!

Shannon decided that seeing as her ride didn't like water she just stayed up on the rim to watch. Bob never even ventured down into the bowl..... but of course MP, Ivy & David hit it wide open! I'll admit.... I have as much fun if not more just staying on top and watching people get dirty...... then to see the smiles on their faces when they come out.

Then the rain started. Sprinkles took off toward their truck and never came back to join in with us. And believe me I don't blame them one bit! It was a cold rain... and windy on top of that. Nasty outside for sure.

We (the rest of us) drove down to the "Powder House" for shelter for a while... but of course by the time we got there we all were soaking wet. Stayed for a while.... had lunch then when it slacked off to nearly nothing we took off toward the Water tower. While on the trail I picked up on the radio "Rancher" hollering at us. We waited on him at the tower... but told him as soon as he got there that we had to leave. I didn't want to, but people were getting to the point of shaking they were so wet and cold.

I know that Shannon & Bob have heard me talk so much about WTOP and what great trails we have there and what beautiful views... well needless to say they didn't get the best tour. Maybe they can come back and really see what we have to offer.

If you've ever wondered what to do with two VERY MUDDY TEENAGE GIRLS on the ride home, put them in the back of the truck! I stopped in town as soon as we got there and bought them both new CLEAN clothes to put on! You can see what they looked like at the end of the video. NOW you know why they didn't get in the cab of my truck till they had clean clothes!!

Well, that's it for my riding adventures this weekend. Till next week (or next ride)..... ride long.. ride hard... but above all ride safe!