Thursday, December 18, 2008

How could I almost forget?

Now I know I'm loosing it, and I've got proof! How on earth could I almost forget that 5 years ago TODAY I was in UVA hospital and at this moment had just woke up from surgery. What surgery? OH I forgot that part didn't I! I gave my bestest friend Kim my left Kidney!

Happy Anniversary Kim & Sydney (the kidney)!!!
Aren't we cute in our matching outfits? Kim is on the left and I'm on the right. THIS is the ONLY photo of me that I'll post anywhere! Not that I look that great, but because it is so special.

No riding. Darn

No riding this past weekend, and it is looking like none this coming weekend either. Had to finish up Christmas shopping and now the rain has set in. I'm not complaining about the rain one bit. Believe me. We really need it. Especially seeing as how we rely on our water to come from our own well instead of using the city/county water line here. Our well water taste so much better.

I am kinda bummed because with all this rain being rain due to the warm temps that we've seen very little snow so far this winter. But with husbands job if it does snow then I'm left without a way to trailer my ride to anywhere to ride at. Last year someone mentioned to me why didn't I just ride it from the house to the base of Crows foot and ride. OH I could have done it, no problem. BUT with what snow we did get I would have been VERY easy to track right back to the house and in Virginia riding where I would have would get me a HUGE ticket and fine!!!!

OH well. Maybe I can get a chance to get back out on the trails soon. I sure hope so.