Monday, March 31, 2008

Oops, I lied!

Well....... I got to go riding a little bit after all on Sunday! Here I sat all feeling sad for myself.... thinking that here is going to be yet another weekend that I don't get to go out and ride..... when out of the blue.... I load up and take off!

Well actually my daughter came down to install added memory on my computer, then we get to talking and next thing we know we load up and down the road we go.

Now never mind that it was right at 4:30 in the evening... all I cared about was that I was taking Kitty out for a spin. Granted it would at first thought be nothing more than to do the 11 mile loop from Rose Hill, up the tracks, to the top of Crows Foot.... then out the ridge back to the truck. Well it turned out to be a little more than that.... a total of 20 miles in fact!

My step son in law came up a trail and ran into us.... then we got the bright idea of going on out to see "White Rocks". Now mind you the white rocks that we can legally ride to is not the true "WHITE ROCKS"...... but still it is an amazing view from up there.

Sad thing is that we left here in such a hurry NOBODY had a camera one with them! BUT I do have some older photos of previous trips to show you what wonderful views can be had from up there.

So now one day this week I've got two rides to clean up.... lord have mercy are they filthy dirty! MUD all over them! It sure was super muddy on top. FUN! My jeans and boots are still covered too. They should be dry enough now to beat most of it off before washing what I can. Got to get them ready for the next time.

So, looks like I told a little white lie when I said no riding this weekend. I GOT LUCKY!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

No riding this weekend

Well, it looks like another weekend with no riding. I do not like weekends like this. I try to stay home during the week, I would say that I try to get housework done, but I hate to tell a lie. Mostly I do a whole lot of nothing.

This past week has been a busy one anyhow. On Tuesday I went over to Pringles house and picked up the two ATVs that belong to my daughter and her hubby. He, Pringles, had been working on them, getting them put back together. When the Polaris and the Yamaha left here I wouldn't have given you two cents for either of them. I would have thought that it would take a small fortune to get them back into running condition. What happened to them you ask? Grand kids! In my humble opinion I honestly think that they tried to see how fast that they could wreck them both and then walked off and left them. But, they are both running, and I have to admit.... I like both of them now. I've tried to clean them up some, they both were filthy dirty. Still have a whole lot of work to do to get them as clean as they should be. Now why I'm cleaning up something that as soon as they are taken off the trailer to ride will find the nearest mud hole and ran right smack dab through the middle I do not know.

I guess I'm one of these funny people that while hauling them TO THE RIDE SITE, want everyone to look at them and say.... "There goes some sharp looking ATVs."..... Then on the ride home I want people to say.. "There goes some people that look as if they have had some major fun today playing in the mud." Now that we have been having some really good rains I'm using my pressure washer to clean them up here at the house. At least now it's getting a pretty good workout.

Thursday I took the Polaris to town to have two rims looked at. Two tires were not holding air and the tires kept going flat again. So far so good, but I've not went out to check on them today so I'll hold off on saying that things are fixed in that department. But they were both up over 24 hours after I came back home with it so that is better than what they had been doing!

Friday I changed out bags on my "Miss Kitty". My darling husband had gone ahead and ordered for my birthday (which isn't until MAY!) my early present. Mom had gotten him a "Moose" brand bag for his ride and I really liked it. It has features on it that mine didn't have so that is what he ordered, one just like his! Now other than size of our rides, mine is a 300 and his a 400, they are a matched pair! We both have the solid boxes on the back and have matching bags on the front. They do look sharp. AND now I can actually keep a drink in one of the pockets right in front of me and don't have to stop, get off and open box to get something to drink when we stop! LOVE IT!

Saturday was a day on the road. Went up to daughters house and helped them move an entire storage shed full of stuff out to the new house. On the way home stopped and had the oil changed in my 02 Silverado. I am not happy about what they found. Looks like my truck has a blown gasket of some sort and so that means that it has to go to a garage first thing on Monday morning to see how much to fix it and how soon. I've got to have my truck! Can't pull the trailer with anything else that we have here! I just hope it doesn't' cost a war pension to get fixed.

Well, for the pictures this week I posted a video instead. I may have added it to an earlier post, but it is still a good one to watch. This has photos of most of the people that I've ridden with in 2007 and the music background is "Memories" by Elvis. Love the song, but not a big Elvis fan, but no other song would have fit the photos as well as this one did. So enjoy the video.... till next week (or if I have any earth shattering news) I'll see you next week!

Till then, Ride Hard, Ride Long but always Ride Safe! Wear your helmet!!