Friday, April 11, 2008

Show Me The Mud!

Well this week started off semi good... and went down hill from there. I was at my parents trying to get some more work done on their new storage shed and my shoulder was hurting so bad that I had to quit. Not a good thing to have happen on a Monday. Tuesday I gave in and went to the doctor. He gave me a shot to take care of the Bursitis.... that was Tuesday and it is still bothering me. AND I've been a good girl and have followed his instructions. I've not lifted anything heavy this week but still it hurts.
So to keep myself from going crazy I did another video this week. Song choice was "Mud On The Tires" and title of the video is "Show Me The Mud". Do you get the idea of what the theme of the video is? lol Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Riding at WTOP

I was about to believe that the weather man had lied again. But it did clear off and was a beautiful day.... just enough clouds to really stand out against a beautiful blue sky. Gorgeous day! Got a late start this morning, it seemed as if I was stuck in slow gear. But made it I did and boy am I glad that I did. Met up with Rancher420 and his girlfriend at the Mud Bowl then rode on over to the other side of WTOP to go to the "Bridge To Nowhere". Because of some work being done the main road was blocked and we couldn't take the direct route to get there..... but we made it! Acutally, having to go a different way turned out to be a much better ride in the long run.
But of course I had to pull one of my famous stunts. I had been down that trail before..... not that many times but I had gone that way. BUT>>>>> I made a big mistake and took a right hand turn one trail to soon! I am jinxed! I swear I am. Every time I "pick" which trail to go on it turns into a darn dead end trail! But it was a NICE dead end trail! lol Had to use my wench once to move a BIG tree off of the trail.... and on another I had to use the little saw that Grizz had given us. I must say.... both worked really well today! That little saw is a real trick. It won't cut something that is REALLY big.. but it works real good on stuff as big as your arm or smaller.
I've got a few pictures of today's ride, but just a few. I'll have to download them then come back and edit this to add them. Hopefully I'll get that done sometime tomorrow.
Well...... I'm glad that I got out today. It turned out to be a really good day for riding. Even with all the wrong turns! Oh well..... at least for the next person that takes that trail.... most of it is CLEAR for them!