Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last ride of 2007

Talk about a happy woman, I sure am! Got lucky and rode Saturday and today (Sunday)!

Today I went with part of the group that I've rode with all summer/fall, Dale, Crash, Hooker, Little Jimmy, Possum and Terry (Crash's father-in-law). We took off at 10 A.M. this morning from Rose Hill and went to Martins Fork Lake again. They guys knew that it would be an absolute muddy mess so they had to go.

Made a HUGE mistake to take a break just before we got down to the lake. By the time I caught up with the guys Dale was attempting to do some of his world famous "donuts" and had a little mishap. He flipped it over on it's left side. Dale wasn't hurt to bad (or so he said) but it did hit his ankle and jammed his back a little. Nothing broken thank goodness!

AND wouldn't you know that all this had happened before I got there with the video camera! BUT I did catch the boys out in the mud a little to deep and ...... well 5 ATVs went over on the ride today and 3 were stuck at the same time! LOL!!!!! They got one unstuck and brought it over and the 3 then had to hook together to get the other two out!

I rode Jim's new 400 today. I'll admit that I do like that thing.... the ground clearance is out of this world..... and lots of power. BUT being as new as it is..... it isn't riding that great and the steering is still a little hard. My shoulders and back are feeling it tonight. But would I do it again tomorrow? You betcha!

Can't wait to see how many weekends in a row I get to ride in 2008! Stay safe everyone! Ride long, ride hard, but above all ride safe!!