Friday, July 4, 2008

July 3, 2008

If we had waited another 4 days it would have been a full month since we last rode. That is the longest I've ever gone without riding! I know that next weekend is out due to the fact that my husband is having surgery on his knee on July 11... so it will be a couple weeks before I can go even after that. So I had to ride while I could.

Six went down to WTOP to put in at the Colmar parking area and six came home hours later. No accidents, no breakdowns. Not a lot of mud (another dry summer) and LOTS of dust...... no shortage there!

It's raining now (July 4th - 9:17 A.M.) and I'd give anything to go back down as soon as it stops! Anything! We are supposed to go down for the fireworks that a Holler Crawler member and her husband have bought up. If it stops early enough I may go ahead and go down early and ride for a bit before we are supposed to eat tonight. It would be wonderful to ride with NO dust what so ever. BUT.... I know I'd be a muddy mess after so what to do. Hummm

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More GREAT Bluegrass Music!

I'm in HOG heaven! I sure am!!! Two weekends this month I've gotten lucky enough to be able to attend two different Bluegrass Festivals. The last being "Goin' Back To Harlan" Festival in Harlan Kentucky. WOW!

Now mind you I've seen every performer that was there at other places, but still it amazes me at their talent and the warmth that they show the fans. Yesterdays line up included - Pine Mountain Grass, Shadow Ridge, Alecia Nugent & Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper. Kentucky Rain was supposed to be there but their bass player didn't show!

I won't talk bad about those that I wasn't crazy about, that is rude. BUT I can yell, shout, scream how much I really enjoyed the ones that I personally liked the best!

Shadow Ridge - All local boys that should be on the biggest stages there are in the US! Scott, C.F, Daniel, Barry..... AMAZING! Always top notch.

Alecia Nugent - How can someone so tiny have such a BIG voice yet on some songs sing so gentle she makes it seem so effortless. Wonderful! Thank you for coming to my back yard to perform.

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so in awe of your talent. I know that most of the world would look upon you and see nothing but a person with "disabilities". Nothing could be further from the truth! Your talent for playing not just one instrument but several is something that most "so called normal" people could only dream of doing. Your musicianship is amazing. And to top it off.. your just a wonderful human being. For you to take the time to sit and listen to an overweight, middle aged lady from the hills of Virginia really means a lot to me. I can't wait till your newest CD comes out. You can bet that I'll have my copy in record time. When you played "Jerusalem Ridge" from the upcoming release.... well I can safely say that it will be my new favorite! Fantastic!
I'm including a video of the last song of the last show of the last day...... ENJOY!

Michael....... YOU ROCK!