Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Holler Crawlers on the Move!

I wish I could say that every day that any of the Holler Crawlers were out working that I was there, but I can't. I had stuff that I had to get done here at home on Saturday and again on Monday, but we all sure had a great time on Sunday!

Trails are being cleared left and right and new trails are being found every time Terry & Pam go down to ride. A lot of work has already been done on making this a world class ATV park. But sadly there is a lot more work to be done. With time, and a lot of hard work by all of the Holler Crawlers it will get done.

Took some new trails this past Sunday that I had never been on before. They were an adventure for sure! Beautiful trails.... and there is one that I do hope that we have named already. In honor of our Club President, BCO aka BC Uh OH... the trail that goes down to the creek I want named "UH OH!" in honor of BCO. IT is steep..... that is for sure! But we all made it down. Thankfully once your down at or near the bottom there is another way out that I've been told is not as steep as the one that we all took going down. (It seems that we missed the marker to take the NOT SO STEEP ONE! LOL) And there is still yet another way back up..... and honestly..... I think it may have been steeper than the one that we took coming down! YIKES! And of course some took this one out and some didn't. NOW which one do you think that I took?

Yep.... the steepest one! I think I held my breath all the way up... but we did it! It made me feel good to get to the top... IN ONE PIECE! I was on my 04 300 Arctic Cat and it did just fine. Most people look at "Miss Kitty" and do a double take at it because of where that model has the engine placed..... but now let me tell you...... that KITTY loves to climb! We may not make it up as fast as some of the bigger more powerful rides.... but darn it we make it up too...... that's what counts!

Took time out Monday to do a little work on my trailer. I had to redesign the front of it to give myself an extra foot of floor space to fit both of the AC's on. For the most part it is done. Still have some sanding and painting to do, but we laid one piece of the flooring down and brought both up to see how they fit..... and I'm THRILLED! They will now both fit on the trailer... and the ramp closes!! I'm one happy lady!!!

I've got some video of this past Sunday's ride.... but sadly it is still on the card in the camera. I promise that I'll get to it in the next couple days and get it up for everyone to see. But for now enjoy a few pictures from this past Sundays ride. And of course I had to add one of the CATS on the trailer WITH THE RAMP CLOSED! Am I happy? You betcha!

Till we meet again.... RIDE Long... Ride HARD... But always ride SAFE! Wear your helmet!