Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Day to be a Holler Crawler

The little town of Pineville, Kentucky had their "Spring Fling" on Saturday April 26. The Holler Crawlers were invited to come sit up a tent to present the club to the people that came for the event. Part of our job was to have an "ATV Show". Well it really wasn't a show like you see at Car or Motorcycle shows.... just cleaned up our rides to show them off and such.

My husband and I arrived in Pineville shortly after 9 this morning to help set up things at our tent. Mostly took over and parked our Arctic Cats.... and sat the helmet out to show it off to try to sell tickets on as part of a fund raiser for the club.

We had a lot of people to come by our tent to ask questions about the club and what we are doing up on "WTOP". Had several people join the club on the spot and a lot to take the applications home with them. At last count we are getting very close to having 100 members!!!! That is pretty good for a club that has been a club no longer than we have! Or at least I think so.

I cleaned for 3 days on both of the AC's... they sure did look pretty! OK, so maybe pretty isn't the right word for them but they sure did look shiny and clean. One thing for sure..... after tomorrow (Sunday) at least one of them should be covered in mud...... again!

Heading out in the morning to take Shannon, Bob, David, Morgan & Ivy down to WTOP to ride for the day. Sure hope that we don't have rain. If it was a warm rain I wouldn't mind it... but the weather isn't that warm yet! At least I always carry a poncho with me... which reminds me.... IF I ride Jim's tomorrow I had better get it out of my bag and put it in or I could get VERY WET! OH well..... I'll look at it this way. I've not missed very many weekends of riding in the past year and so far I've not gotten wet from being caught in a rain yet. Now I won't say that I've NOT gotten wet.... OH I have..... but it was from running through water/mud holes! That is a blast! Just think... here I am a woman that is actually a "Grandma" and I still like to play in the mud!

Well....... it's late.... after midnight and I've got to get an early start in the morning. See ya'll tomorrow evening with some pictures of the days ride.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3 out of 4 days! Now that was FUN!

Finally a GREAT week of riding-working. Spent Thursday & Friday of last week putting up trail markers at WTOP, took Saturday off to rest, then hit it again on Sunday to play! I've found something that is soooooo much fun! Mattress Surfing! I took my niece with me on Sunday along with a twin size mattress. Cut holes in it to where I could run a chain through to have a way to pull it. Then used a tow rope between the mattress and the ATV to keep it away from any dirt it may kick up. We had a blast! But the bad news is some big dummy ran off and forgot both cameras on Sunday! Now that was stupid of me. We did manage to get little snips of video using her cell phone camera.... but I've not gotten the pieces yet to put them together to make a video. It was fun for sure! And that kid is like a little leach! She stuck right there every inch of the way every time she rode.

I do have some photos of what we did on Thursday and Friday. Saw some more beautiful views and rode some really great trails.
Spent yesterday, Tuesday, cleaning up a lot of ATVs! We are taking the two Arctic Cats to Pineville for an ATV show. So I've still got a lot of work to do on them to get them spit shined up to look GREAT! It will take me the rest of the week to get that done for sure. I sure do like our Arctic Cats.... they are great machines. Cleaned up my daughters rides too. Her and her hubby are coming down this coming Sunday to ride at WTOP for the first time. Can't wait to show them what we have to offer. One of these days I'll add all the miles of trails that we have to see just how much we do have. One thing about it. You can ride as hard as you'd like and NOT see all the trails in one day.
Till next week... stay safe and ride long!