Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wednesday, Oct. 31 Black Mtn. Adventure Park

Loaded up "Kitty" early to haul over to Evarts, Kentucky to go check out "Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Park". Met up with Terry and Pam at the parking lot of the local WalMart and we drove over together. By the time we got there it was almost 10 o'clock. Sure was hoping that it would have warmed up a lot more by that time... it hadn't! There was still frost on the ground where the sun hadn't hit yet! Brrrrrrr It was cold!!!!
Had a good time.... we rode for about 4 hours. Didn't cover much ground, we went really S L O W but it was good. Terrys brand new Honda acted up a bit on him. The electric shift died on him. Come to find out the battery cables had came loose. Hopefully that is all that was wrong. He went ahead and came home a different way to be able to go by the Honda shop and drop it off. He's supposed to pick it up today.
Maybe next spring when it is a warmer day with more daylight I can get to go back and explore a lot more than we did yesterday.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cawood Kentucky MUD!

If you want to make a teenage girl happy... just give her a big ATV to ride and a BIG ole mud hole and she's HAPPY!

Good sized group met up at Rose Hill yesterday morning at 10 o'clock in the morning to start the ride. It was chilly, but actually not as cold as last weeks ride. IN the morning that is! At least last weeks ride it warmed up really well..... this time it never did really get what you'd call warm. Must have been perfect riding weather for mud holes though. Several had a blast! I'll admit that sometimes I've thought about making a run through, but then I rethink that idea and stay on the sidelines taking pictures. It's way more fun.

The group that went this week were myself, Dellis, Randall, Johnny, Jimmy & wife Debra with Possum, Dale & wife Donna with both their boys Austin and Brandon, Morgan and two new people rode with us today, Harold and Jewell riding a Razr 800.

Had a blast us usual, but there are getting to be way to many camera's and they just point and shoot way to many pictures! One thing about it. I know I've got to go on a serious diet and shed this weight. Change of eating habits starts TODAY! It may be spring before anyone sees any difference but there will be a difference! I've got to!

It's getting colder every week now. Not sure how much longer I'll ride. I'm not a big fan of cold and if I put on enough clothes to stay warm I wouldn't be able to move. But we will see what next week brings. I'll decide the night before if I'll go or not.

Till I ride again..... stay safe!