Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That felt GREAT!

Finally got to get out on the trails again today. It's been almost 2 months! That is way to long..... way.. WAY to long. Didn't get to ride for very long, but it beats nothing at all. Jim, Dale and his two boys, Austin & Brandon and myself all went down to WTOP and rode for about 4 hours today.
I can say with great certainty that I'm getting old and really starting to feel it now. My neck is sore from wearing my helmet for even that short of a time. But it kept my ears warm so it isn't all bad!
As you can see Mud Bowl I & II are both lakes! Anybody got jon boats to use?
Looks like bad (colder) weather is about to sit in again, so the riding today will have to do me for a while. Oh well. Sure gives me something to look forward to!