Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15, 1994 - 2007

Thirteen years ago today was our wedding day. Although I love my DH (dear hubby/husband) right now I could choke him! HE's NOT said ONE word about what today is! NOT a PEEP! I know now that I should have went ahead with my first thought this evening...... I already had "Kitty" loaded up and freshly cleaned...... I should have went riding somewhere...... anywhere! Oh he's going to hear about this........ NOT a word..... not a card... not a single flower. And where is he right now? Parked in front of the TV watching the Baseball playoff's! I can remember the weekend we got married he almost cried because it was opening weekend for "Coon Hunting Season"! MEN! ARGH!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ah, the weekend! 10/13-14

The weekend has came and gone already. I've came to the conclusion that something just isn't right about this..... it's all backwards! The weekend should be 5 days and the work week should be 2. Nice idea!
Saturday was a beautiful but windy, a little cool to ride but I was wanting to so bad. Hubby and I went down to "Wilderness Road State Park" to check out what all they had for this years festival. It really is nice..... and it seems to have had more vendors there this year than any year I've seen before. Talked with the lady in charge of booking the music for the festival and as of now "Wilderness Road Dulcimer" is supposed to be playing there in 2008! So mark those calenders for the second weekend in October and be there!
Today, Sunday, I went up with Mom to Granny's house to go through some of her and Papaw's things to see if there were anything that I wanted to keep. I'm honored to say that I've now got their old guitar and an old electric guitar! I can tell that the flattop has been played many hours from the wear on the neck. I'll cherish it all the rest of my life. Thank you Mom for letting me have it. She also gave me the set of three Yellow Ware bowls! Oh they are sooooooo nice! I'm tickled to death! Can't forget the pair of McCoy planters that stayed on Granny's back porch!
After we loaded up what I brought home, we loaded up some of the things that Mom is keeping. Granny's Electric Organ....... and Sewing machine. I can close my eyes now and see Granny sitting at that Organ playing away. Granny would have been 95 had she lived till this years birthday. It doesn't seem right that she's been gone for 10 months now. Sure do miss that feisty little woman.
We unloaded mom's stuff at her house then I came on and put up what stuff I had. It may take me a few days but I'll get the guitar cleaned and polished up and put new strings on it. It is in pretty fair shape to be as old as it is.
Today was an even warmer and more beautiful day than Saturday was. I'll admit that I kept thinking about how I wanted to load up Kitty and go riding. I got a late start but we made it! Unloaded at the bottom of Stone Mountain at Rose Hill and went to the top and took a right out the ridge. Rode to Crows foot and came back down and headed to the truck via the old railroad bed. Stopped several times just to enjoy the quiet..... to listen to the leaves falling and just looking around. I was alone so I didn't eat any dust what so ever! It was sooooo nice! I know that I broke one of my own rules...... Do NOT ride alone..... but it was just to nice of a day to miss out any riding what so ever. The sun had gone down and it really got cold on me. I stopped and found where I had packed away a jacket and a pair of gloves. They sure did feel nice! It was really dark by the time I got back to the parking lot.... but I was happy. I got to go riding and all is right with the world again!