Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tomorrow..... I RIDE!

Oh boy..... The 20th is finally almost here. Going on a really good ride in the morning. Had to go borrow my sisters trailer so I could haul 3 rides instead of the two that mine will. Picking up my baby sisters niece and her boyfriend at a little after 8 in the morning, then drive on down to Middlesboro. Should be a really good ride. Can't wait!

I put new lights on "Miss Kitty" today. She's looking fine! Should be really good light to see the trails at night now.

Seeing as how it is almost 11 PM I'll get a photo of her tomorrow. See ya'll either late Sunday or early Monday with a ride report!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No riding this past weekend, Hubby knee surgery

At times Family comes first. On Friday, July 11, my hubby had knee surgery. So needless to say I stuck close to home to take care of him. He has a hard time getting up to get anything. I did tell him that there was one thing that he was on his own with...... no need to say it here.. it would be TMI..... but you can guess what it is.

I do have the photos of inside his left knee..... pretty cool looking! Not bloody and so white and clean..... other than the torn places you wouldn't think anything is wrong.

But now this coming weekend is a different story. I've already told him that he had 9 days to heal enough to be here a day along because I was heading out to ride!

A bunch of Holler Crawlers and other people that just want to join in are going to ride "The Crater" around Middlesboro. Should be an interesting ride..... long but good. Can't wait! At first I thought that both of my nieces were going with me, now it is down to only one. Ivy and her boyfriend are going to ride down with me. That's good. She doesn't get to go riding near as much as MuddPuppy does.
Well.... till sometime Sunday night or during the day Monday... stay safe! I'll have lots of photos I hope!