Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday Aug. 24

I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to ride on Stone! I hadn't done it in a while.... I'll admit that I don't miss all the really ROUGH parts of the trails up there. They will jar your innards (YES that is a word! lol) loose for sure..... but it is well worth it.

Only 3 started out that day. Dale, Don & myself were the only ones that met up at the parking area in Rose Hill. Those two are very brave souls indeed! They put ME up front playing "Follow The Leader"! I really felt bad for both of them by the time we got back to load up and go home. Don was covered in dust.... but poor Dale I swear had every speck of dust that had been kicked up on the trails on him! I don't see how he could see or breath.

Did the Cawood loop, then drove by the lake to see who was there. Found some riders from Virginia that Dale knew. They had been playing there for a while. I've got some video of that bunch playing and our part of the ride and some video of the Saturday ride yet to work up. I'll try to get in here and get it up soon.

But for now all I have are some photos. OH and we did see some Turkeys on the trail. Live TURKEYS..... not the "idiot man turkeys" that I know! WHICH will remain nameless! hehehe
Looks like next weeks ride is shaping up to be a REAL good ride! Where to? Who knows. But as of right now I know of at least 4 people that are wanting to go that normally don't go with us. I take that back, one is Mudd Puppy! She always puts on a good show.... and what few times I've had her and Ivy together it is even BETTER!
Till next week..... have a good'en!

Saturday, Aug 23

Served as guide this past Saturday to a group that wanted to explore Wilderness Trail Park. Got a late start as one lady is a nurse and worked the late shift and had to get a little sleep before taking off. Didn't get to go very far..... but it was a good ride.

Dust was boiling, as usual, but everybody made it back to the trucks/trailers in one piece.