Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lee County Tobacco Festival Oct. 27, 2007

Kitty and I did our first parade today! Kitty was looking really good. Looked like new! Rode in front of the float beside Jimmy (Crash)... What were they thinking! But it was fun for the most part. I did catch one group of young girls that I swear was laughing at me. Ok, I know I'm not skinny by any means, heck I'll say it out loud. I'M FAT! But I do love riding and it makes me feel a lot younger than I really am. AND as long as I can, I'll ride... no matter who laughs at how I look! In the back of my mind I keep thinking...... "Girls, I used to be young like you, I used to be even slender like you, but time and kids takes it's tole on a body and you won't always look like you do now." So the best thing I can do is go on with MY Life and forget the actions of some foolish teenage girls.

It cost me a whole $1.00 but it was worth way more to get the "Bulldog" to come over and put it's "paw" around Dellis. Poor fellow had no idea what was coming off..... but it was surely priceless!

Now back to the parade! Crash and I rode our bikes in front. Dellis drove the truck pulling the float. On the float was Big Jim, Donna and Deborah and the kids, Little Jimmy, Brandon, Austin, & Nikki with Hooker & Dale bringing up the rear. Really large crowd to view the parade today. Weather was nice, but could have been a little warmer. Clouds started rolling in about the time I got back to the trailer and I couldn't wait to get my jacket on.

I guess everyone enjoyed it enough that we might do it again next year. I hope so! If they do then I'll make plans on doing it with them. You could not find a better group of people to hang around with. Everyone is young enough to be my kids... yet still they let me play along with them. Thanks!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Visit to Hensley Settlement & Other places Oct. 21, 07

I can honestly say that the weather could not have been any more perfect for a ride. Even though it was cool Sunday morning starting out it warmed up really nicely and the sun was shining all the way. As usual the group met at Rose Hill to start the ride at 9 A.M. Nice size group and this time it wasn't just Morgan & myself along with the guys. Debra came with her husband Jimmy (Crash) this time riding her own bike. And they brought both their kids!

The plan was to ride to Hensley's Settlement on top of Brush Mountain. I had been up there one other time before but it was almost 40 years ago! I know I was a teenager, but can't remember how old I was. I know it was a VERY long time ago, that's for sure. At the start of the trail up the mountain on the Kentucky side we caught up with the second large group of people out riding. We took a break and they started on up the mountain ahead of us. Caught up with them several times. I had heard that the trail was rough....... and it surely isn't a smooth ride but it wasn't as rough as I had heard. I'd call it challenging. If someone would take a sledge hammer up there and spend just part of a day it would be a lot easier ride. Guess nobody wants to put that much effort into it. I would if my back would stand it, but I honestly don't think I can do it.

We finally made it to the settlement and it was beautiful! Well worth the ride up. A lot of the old buildings are still standing and you can go in most of them to look around. The trees were gorgeous! Perfect fall color. Honestly I'd give anything to live in a place like that. So isolated, so peaceful and quiet. You didn't hear another sound other than the wind and the birds. But I'd say it does get rather rough up there in the winter. I've seen snow and ice on top of the mountain when no where else has anything.

After we all ate our lunch we walked the trail through the settlement. I'm so glad that the park service has taken over the settlement and is preserving it. Such history up there to see how far into this remote area and how they lived. But then we had to leave. By this time in October the sun goes down early and it gets cold quickly.

Our next stop was to ride to what they called "Kings Table". Part of the trail there is rough, rocky but nothing like going up the mountain to the settlement. But I have to say.... WOW! What a beautiful place! Going down the trail through the woods is absolutely breath taking! Then all of a sudden you turn the curve and there sits a table out in the middle of nowhere! Someone had hung a tarp up between some trees. I have no reason why...... but they did. But it surely was a breathtaking ride just to get to there. Then it was on to a place further down the trail that they had given the name of "Hillbilly slip-n-slide". Morgan...... being Morgan just had to try it. I had my camera in hand... but honestly I was laughing so hard and she was moving so fast when she came down the slide that I couldn't get a picture! Maybe someone else will post one and I'll copy it and show it here. I've not laughed that hard....... that long in AGES! Thanks for the memories Morgan! IF Dellis got good video of that one I'm sure that it will make YouTube.... and who knows...... maybe even send it into America's Funniest Home Video's!!

After doctoring Morgan's wounds (she did get a couple small scrapes and a tiny cut or two) and changing into some dry clothes (remember it was a WET slip-n-slide) it was time to head back to the parking lot to go home. Morgan and I started to ride out the mountain ridge top out to Crows Foot, but she wanted to say in person goodbye to everyone. I told them when we got there that someone was going to have to adopt her! It was almost 6:30 when we pulled up to load our ATV's on the trailer.

It was a long day of riding..... some challenging trails...... but it was a GREAT day out riding my Kitty and I'd do it again today if I could play hookie from work! Till next time......... have fun.... stay safe!