Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Witness to history in the making

This will be the only political post in my blog that you will ever see. I make it a policy not to talk politics. But, tonight we the whole nation, have taken part in making history for our nation!
I know that outside of my family and personal friends, nobody really knows that I am alive. That is the way it is with most people in this nation. But tonight we all were important. We voted. We changed this nation.
I had made up my mind months ago on who my vote was going for. And after listening to all the television, print and even phone attempts to change my vote, I was even more sure of how I was going to vote!
When are the idiots that decide all the "messages" that goes out going to learn that mud slinging is NOT what most of the people want to hear. The one that really got me going was the one that made an issue out of Obama's middle name! LOL. NOW you tell me, did you have any control over the name that your parents gave you? LOL
I'm glad that it is over. Mainly so I won't have to listen/watch all the negative adds on my TV.
Congratulations to our president elect Obama.

NOW lets get back to talking about riding in the mountains!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now that is what I call a Birthday Party!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than out on the trails with friends. That is just what we did today. My friend Dellis (Partsman as we know him) had his birthday on the trails today. A good group, minus a few missing people that will remain nameless! BUT YOU know who you are and shame on you! Anyhow, I made a mad dash to Wally World this morning to pick up a dozen Cupcakes. They sure were pretty... before they made the trip in the back of Jim's box across 2 mountains! lol But they did make it anyhow, a little lop sided but that didn't matter. They still were good!

Put a candle to put on it. Of course being the nut that I am instead of picking up Numbers or small candles I opted to have only one on it...... this "?"!! lol I think he liked it.

Well today we did the Cawood loop again. But this time with a twist. Jim came and rode with us today! His riding has improved so much. He's really doing well. He has even found out that it is fun to go through some pretty good water/mud holes! Now this one that he went through I've seen several try. Most get hooked to and pulled out. But that darn Arctic Cat just clawed himself right through! And Jim didn't have to really do anything other than back up a little bit and take another run at it. I've seen most that if they do make it have to get up on the front rack and ride it out...... but all he did was sit there. Go CAT Go!

Well it's late and I'm tired. Think it is time to give it up for the day. I'll admit that with two full days of riding I'm beginning to feel them. Don't want to admit it but I will.
I hope that before the week is out to have the video up of the "Water hole adventure".

Till then.... take care!!

Oh How we need RAIN!

Can we say - DUSTY! Beautiful day today... couldn't be any better other than getting rid of the darn dust. We need rain so bad. It was warm.. really warm for November 1st! But we need some rain!!!

OK, got that out of my system.

Met up at Colmar this morning at 10. Had a good group riding, even picked up an extra at the parking area. Started out with 6 rides, 9 riders. Myself, my husband Jim, Carl, Roy and "B", Donnie & Lavon and Wayne & Lisa.

I've known Wayne & Lisa for several years and this is the first time that I've ever seen them in any condition other than spic-n-span, sparkling CLEAN! I worried that they both would really HATE riding today in the dust, but they actually said that they loved it! So much so that he is going to go this week and see about trading in his HARLEY in on his own ATV! That's cool!

Bless their hearts, Donnie & Lavon drove down here again all the way from Paoli, IN. Since the last time they were here back in September they bought a RAZR (not sure of the spelling but it is a SidexSide).

Heading out tomorrow to ride with Dellis and the gang. Will be heading out to Cawood, Kentucky. I've been there so much that I think I could do that ride with my eyes closed, but it is a great ride. If it wasn't I'd stay home. One other thing makes tomorrow special. It is his (Dellis) birthday! Last year we had a good party for him. I've got to get out early enough in the morning to find some cupcakes and take. Guess I'll be making a VERY early morning run to Wally World.

Better get in bed or I'll never make it. See ya'll tomorrow evening or Monday morning with an update.