Friday, October 31, 2008

He's BACK!

Who's back? My Floating Ghost! Now during the day he doesn't look so bad. But at night, when your car headlights hit him.... and floating right beside you is a GHOST.... THAT is when he looks the best!

Looks like a great weekend coming up!

The weather forecast for this weekend is looking GREAT! I know that Saturday the Holler Crawlers have a clean up day (actually Sunday too) on WTOP. Supposed to do some trail clean up, brush clearing, some trail work, brier cutting, trash pick up, etc. Jim and I both will be there to help out. But Sunday I'm playing hookie!

Sunday, November 2 is Partsman's birthday. I've got to pick up a cup cake and a candle for him today. Last year we had the works for him. He had never had a birthday party until he got a big surprise! Had a BIG cake, HUGE card & the works. This year's celebration will not be as big but none the less fun.

Today being Halloween I'm fixing my "floating ghost" again. Haven't done it in a couple years so it is about time to fix another. IF I can figure out how to make it float and film at the same time I'll get some video of it when I get it all fixed. I'm sure that in the daylight that it doesn't look like much. BUT at night... with a car light shining on it..... it will look cool!

I'm outta here for now. Got to get it all fixed up then head out to WalMart for a bit. See ya later!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Day On The Mountain

I told you I'd do a better job of updating this blog!

Yet another beautiful Sunday was spent out seeing what wonders God has done to the planet Earth. We revisited some areas on the mountain and went to a couple new sites. One is another cave that is near "Rock Church". OK, now I can say that I've been there seen that. Not exactly crazy about the trail getting to there or back from there (had to backtrack). Not exactly planning on going back again. AND if I do it will be by walking!

The second new place that we went to was the overlook to see Wild River. Beautiful! Absolutely breath taking! I took some pictures but honestly they do NOT do it justice.

Had a good crowd that left the Rose Hill parking area at 10 AM. Dellis, Don, Eulis, Morgan & Michael, Dale & Brandon, Chris, Bobbie, Maranda, Autum & myself were there. Everything was going good till Chris's 98 454 Arctic Cat had major rear end problems. He had to be towed back to the truck from the bottom of the backside near the Wild River trail. Dellis was riding his wife's big Honda and so he pulled him back. I was running front for him just in case he needed help to get him up some of the steepest parts. But never did have to hook up. Dale made a statement that made me very proud of "Miss Kitty"..... something about how that thing will pull and climb a tree! She may be only a 300 cc engine but it is a good one!

The highlight of the day was to watch Morgan play on the "Hillbilly Slip-n-Slide". Now mind you this was October 26! NOT July 26! Even though it had warmed up nicely being soaking wet is NOT the way that you wanted to be. That water was COLD! But she had been wanting to go back there for a couple months and this is the first chance that she had gotten to go. She had fun, that was showing on her face. She had the biggest smile you've ever seen and laughing all the way down too!!

Sunday was the first time that I was "wired for sound" via my Chatterbox. I love it! Riding through the mountains listening to everything from Motown to Southern Rock to Bluegrass is a BLAST! Made things a lot more fun. Especially when we would hit a trail and the perfect song for that trail would be playing. Sure didn't seem like we spent 9 hours up there, it seemed to go by really fast. But I felt every minute of it by the time I got home. My knees and my right shoulder were killing me. Something tells me that time, age and weight are getting to me. But I've rested up now, most of the pain is gone and if it was warm I'd do it again today!

Speaking of warmth... it sure isn't warm or pretty out today. Gray sky's and it is only 37 degrees right now at a little after 9 in the morning. Something tells me that it isn't going to be getting much warmer than that. Even saw some snow flurries earlier this morning!

I did give Jim fair warning that one time during the winter that if it snowed during the week that he was NOT going to take my truck to work. Yes it is the only thing that we have that is 4x4. The Equinox being front wheel drive will make it up this driveway just fine, unless it is solid ice under there. I'm really wanting to go down on the mountain and take some snow pictures at least once this winter. I've learned my lesson and know to stay on the south side, that's for sure. But I've got to do it at least once this winter.

I have no idea what this next weekend has in store. There is supposed to be a group of people coming down from Indiana. Not sure if they are still coming or not but if they do I'll be out on the trails somewhere. Till then... take care and ride safe!