Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Nov. 18, St. Charles Area ride

After being sick for a week and getting very little sleep Saturday nights sleep was a blessing. That and the the fact that Sundays temps were a lot warmer than I thought they were going to be. I had no other choice than to get up, load up and go riding! I had told one of the gals the night before that I wasn't going.... so I decided to find another place to ride for the day. I hated to show up after telling them that I wasn't going two weeks in a row. Called Jason and he either couldn't or wouldn't go...... so then I called David. For those that have no clue, David is the husband of my very best friend here in the county. We all have the same last name, but are NO relation. Anyhow.... we met up at the St. Charles Elem. school parking lot and left from there. Found the trail head and let me tell you...... the trails/roads goes on forever and ever! We did some back tracking seeing as how neither of us knew a thing about where we were. And I've learned a lesson.... don't let me pick which way to go when coming to an intersection! Every time I said go "that way" it turned out to be a dead end... and most times really quickly! Thank goodness I had my GPS with me. Our goal was to go across the mountain into Kentucky. We finally made it...... but just barely. Found a trail that went in the right direction, but not to long after we crossed the Kentucky line the tail came to an end! NOT FAIR! I know that there is a trail up there somewhere that goes all the way into Evarts. One of these days I'll find it. May take me a while, but I'll find it! Anyhow, we did just under 40 miles today.... weather was really nice.... lots of water holes to go through! I cheated on those.... made David go through first to test to see how deep they were! I know.... that was mean of me! hehehe But it really is a nice place to ride..... I'll go back as soon as I can get the chance... maybe next time I can talk my hubby into going with me. MAYBE. Doubt it.... but I'll try. If not then there is always David I can call to go!

Till I ride again...... or something happens..... ride long... ride hard.... but always ride safe!