Monday, May 19, 2008

No riding this weekend, but there was GREAT Music!

I had every intention of getting Miss Kitty out and getting her dirty this weekend but it didn't happen. Already had plans on heading down to Sevierville TN to attend their "Bloomin' BBQ & Bluegrass" with some friends on Saturday. The weather could not have been more perfect! As for the music, all free I might add, it was FANTASTIC! Other than the last act on stage. I'll admit that I was looking forward to seeing Marty Stuart, never seen him in person before, but after about 1/4 of his set I was ready to go home. Why? Well if your going to bill something as "Bluegrass" it had better be BLUEGRASS! What he did was anything BUT Bluegrass! Shame on you Marty! Shame on YOU!
Here are the links to what videos that I have up on YouTube... (Much easier than waiting for them to upload here)...

What we did enjoy was watching and listening to Trey Hensley & Drivin' Force, Cumberland Gap Connection (Two sets each), Dave Peterson & 1946, Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier, Bradley Walker (current IBMA male vocalist of the year). All of those groups/people were FANTASTIC! Just wasn't that impressed with Marty Stuart. Sorry to all those MS fans out there but I wanted to hear Bluegrass, not.... well I'm not sure what to call the type/form of music he was doing. It really wasn't country..... wasn't rock.. wasn't pop.. and sure as heck wasn't Bluegrass! Oh well..... Oh and somebody needs to feed that poor man. Skinny as a rail! I prefer some meat on my men... he looks so.... under-fed!

Now as for Sunday, well of course it had to rain. I know, I know..... we need the rain here really bad. We still haven't recovered from the drought that we have been in. But why on my ATV days?

Today is Monday of course, and I'm meeting my girlfriend Tammy for lunch. She called a few days ago and wanted to take me out for my "Birthday lunch". Now granted that I really need to back away from the table.... but free Pizza Plus Lunch sure will be good! And for the record it isn't my birthday yet. It isn't till next Sunday. That is IF I decide I'm actually having a birthday this year. I don't like getting older. Especially now since I'm really beginning to show my age. I still say that growing OLD is God's cruel joke on a person. Your mind still thinks YOUNG.... still wants to do all these things that you did when you were in your 20's, 30's even in your early 40's.... but now it is like you still want to do them but your body says "YOU WANT TO DO THAT? Forget it! You do and I'll make you pay for it dearly!"

But all you have to do to know that I'm over the hill now is to look into my face and eyes. They are not the same that looked back at me in the mirror even just a few short years back. I still say that I'll fight getting older, kicking and scratching every darn inch of the way!

Well....... that's it for this past weekend. This coming week is filled with things to do and stuff like that. Most of it is things to get done around the house that we have been putting off for months. Then we have to get things ready to take up to Pineville for the "Mountain Laurel Festival" this coming weekend. Then the next weekend will be the Benefit ride for Sean that the Holler Crawlers is hosting. So it is going to be a VERY busy time. Hope to make it back here soon with updates on how things are going.

Till then..... ride long.... ride hard...... and always ride SAFE! Hope that some of you can make it to the Benefit Ride for Sean!