Friday, June 27, 2008

No riding for the last 2 weekends.....

In case your wondering what is going on, the answer to that would be absolutely nothing. Husband is down with his knee so he can't ride and he can't walk without using crutches so I have to stick close to home to help him when he needs it.

The only thing exciting that I've gotten to do is on Friday, June 13 we went over to Duffield at the Natural Tunnel State Park to see Rhonda Vincent & The Rage in concert. That is always a treat! Didn't get to go see them any during the 2007 year. Between surgery on hubbys other knee and deaths in the family things didn't go so good the entire year. But we are making up for it this year!

I'm so proud to say that I know Rhonda and the entire Rage group of people. Hunter made my day the instant that he saw me. He is such a great guy. Kenny as always takes the time to talk to you. Hubby got to take his photo with Rhonda again.... that he just loves to show off! (funny how he never smiles like that in a picture with me! LOL) But then I got some special attention from Hunter so I guess we are even! LOL

Thanks guys for being the wonderful people that you are. Your music is the best but the people you are is something that can never be beat! Hope to see you again in September at Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival.
And I can't leave without saying a very special thank you to Rhonda, Kenny & Hunter for helping me with the little video message for BCO! It is priceless!

I know of no other group of performers that would do this for someone like me. I'm nothing special, just an overweight, middle aged lady in the heart of no where yet still they take the time to do something so special. Thanks!