Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Hardest task to date...

Well, the day has come at last. I've made up my mind to shed the blubber that is on my body. I actually started yesterday evening. After what I went through, I had to do something and NOW!

I'll say up front, I LOVE FOOD! And especially anything sweet. That is my real downfall. I crave sweets! I almost believe that if you put chocolate on something, anything that I'd eat it! Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but almost!

My goal is to shed by the end of December 2008 97.5 pounds. Even at the goal weight by most people standards I would still be considered fat. But for my old bones much more gone than that and I'd look unhealthy. I've cleaned off my NordicTrack to where I can actually get to it to use it, and did a 20 minute workout this morning before 8:30! Got the old heart rate up. I need to do more walking but with all this weight that I'm packing around my back hurts me so bad that I have to stop within a few minutes and sit down. Needless to say that it is very painful in my knees and hips to.

What brought all this on? Well it's like this..... the weather is cold/cool and there are some days without rain on the weekend that would be perfect to get out and ride in. I've got a great coat to wear that keeps me toasty warm. BUT from my upper thighs to the top of my boots I still get cold even with my thermal undies on!

So I sat out yesterday to find me a pair of Thermal Bibs. WHOA! Well, lets just say that I did find them..... but I also left them at the store! Talk about sending an old lady into shock! WHOA! Anybody remember the cartoon character "Porky Pig"?? Well imagine PP in a pair of bibs!

So for now, I'll either go and tough it out.... or I'll just stay at the house till it gets warmer. BUT there will be a change in my body image. I will loose the weight! I've got to or I'm going to die an early death from a heartattack or stroke from all this fat I've got on my body! I've got to much riding to do...... to chance that happening.

So with a lot of prayers and kind words of support I will get the weight off. AND keep it off this time!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Video recap of 2007

Well seeing as how it does work putting up video to watch I'm going to add another. This one is titled "Friends & Family". It is a collection of photos that was taken over the summer/fall/early winter of everyone that was on some of the rides I took.

Hope you enjoy this little video. I know I really enjoyed making the "Memories".